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We believe that the expression - well begun is half done - is very true in our case. A well implemented plan, including the various processes and design analyses, enables us to produce tailor-made products to suit our customers wishes. Good planning ensures that the end product is easy to use, safe, energy-efficient and, above all, that it performs well.

All our products are designed in 3D, so that we can simulate the relevant movements of the product in its planning stages to ensure optimum performance of the final product. Products are designed either from the data files or drawings provided by the customer.

All our projects involve a project manager who will work closely with the customer. The project manager is also responsible for ensuring that any needs for amendments during the project are taken into account. Product development often includes design and manufacture of a prototype. We have excellent facilities for sophisticated design and production of accurate product prototypes.

Even the most demanding automation needed for the machinery can be tailor-made in-house. Our automation team has extensive experience with automation system solutions, from simple relay-controlled moulds to the fully automated production line controlled by logical programming that functions in a highly explosive pentane environment. Our environmentally friendly products are always easy to use and particularly safe.

Our professional and experienced product developers, together with the latest CAD technology, ensure the best possible design for the product.

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