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We offer full technical support service for our products. Our customer service will answer all questions and help with any problems. We supply all necessary spare parts. We will also carry out maintenance on any machinery and we will assist if your machine or mould needs to be updated.

When ordering spare parts, please collect following information before contacting us. This will help to avoid misunderstandings and reduce delivery times

Information concerning the machine:
- machine type
- subassembly of the machine

Information concerning spare part:
- drawing number
- position number
- part description
- quantity



Ann-Mari HalÚn
telephone +358-(0)44-74 36 821

telephone +358-(0)44-74 36 821

Nortool Oy - Lehtimńentie 7-9, FIN-21290 RUSKO, Finland - Tel. +358-(0)2-43 68 000 Fax +358-(0)2-43 99 521